Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Street View

Staying with the whole Dr. Seuss vibe, and the fact that the 2D animation is now taking place in the mind of the little girl, we've decided to make the street more organic and bendy and curvy and very, very childlike.  Suba's drew out this street view today as an example of the new, curvaceous environment and how it affects the buildings, etc.

During the group meeting we had today we also thought it would be cool to have the backgrounds quite plain to begin with, and as the colour spreads through the environment it will add detail, such as brick work in the walls or leaves on the trees.  Kat Bambi is playing around with all the AE colour bleeding so hopefully she'll get back to us as to whether this will be possible or not.  Think she's going to be filming colour tests for our intro sequence tomorrow so we'll maybe have some of her stuff to put up soon.


- Lynne

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