Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3D Kitchen Environment

So, we decided incredibly early on that the environment inside the washing machine was going to be only 2D, whereas the outside the washing machine world will be all photo-realistic 3D.  We thought it's be nice to create these two contrasting world to really hit-home that the washing machine world is make-believe or imagined, while the other is reality. 

Our resident 3D expert, Jamie Bell, is taking charge of the entirety of the 3D world, including modelling the kitchen with all it's utensils and props, the Mum and the Girl (who we're thinking of naming Lenor and Surf after, obviously, the washing powder brands), an outside-the-window world of the playground and possible some washing hanging out on the line.  He's gonna have all the fun in the world getting all that made AND animating the Mum, the girl, the washing machine, the washing on the line and the camera.  Good luck JB.

Anyway, here's some scans from his R&D sketchbook of his work so far.  Like I was saying, we've been working purely on storyboards this last wee while so a lot of development work has been put on hold.  Hopefully we'll be back to it once the boards are handed in on the 7th March.

- Lynne

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