Friday, February 25, 2011

Girl Development

Thought I better start looking at characters that are not the mother for a change.  We kinda always figured, from really early on, that the mother and daughter would be the spit of one other, so that when I finally got the mother nailed (weeeeeey), the daughter would be really easy to design.  

We were thinking the kids are maybe about 7-8ish, so I've been trying a couple different designs in an attempt to make her stereotypically childlike.  Proved a lot more difficult than I thought, and I'm actually thinking that her original design makes her look the youngest.  When I tried adding alicebands and bows to her hair it simply made her look older, which's weird.  I am contemplating freckles though... they were about the only think I was really happy with, but they could be an actual nightmare to animate.  We'll see.  Next up, Boy developments.

- Lynne

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