Monday, February 7, 2011

Character Inspiration

Been having a wee conundrum with myself and my ability to not be able to draw humanoid figures without making them look human.  That was a weird sentence... but basically we want the characters to have arms, legs, head and body, but not make them look like yer bog standard human.  Make sense?  We kinda agreed that we'd very much like them to look like this:

But, obviously, without blatantly ripping off that idea.  Another very similar character would be No Face from Spirited Away.  So, spent today looking at a Pictoplasma character design book and picked out a whole bunch that I really liked.  

The one on the moodboard we all agreed we liked was the big red guy, top middle.  Gonna try and work out some rough character ideas this week for storyboards, which're also this week.  Also looking at POSSIBLY getting a hold of the uni's multiplane camera for doing our backgrounds, but we'll only find out tomorrow at our production meeting if this is going to be possible.  Hopefully have some feedback on that soon!

- Lynne

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