Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moar Potential Mum Drawings

This be what I've been drawing recently yo!  Drawings of Mum first 'cause we kinda figured that once we got her nailed (WEEEEEY) then the wee girl will just be a smaller version.  We like a couple of things from each Mum so might try to blend them together into one big, super Mum.  Don't really know yet either as to how simplistic I'm going to make the body shapes, if that's what we're doing at all.  This is still all very much working progress.

Our favourite so far is the one on the bottom left in the first picture, although we really liked the flare-like legs on the Mum in the top right, but felt that she was too sexy for a mother character.  Might give the wee Boy flares instead and give them all a wee seventies feel.  Dunno, we shall see.  Threw in a wee drawing of the girl as well to see how she looks in this new style.  Really starting to like how it's coming along.

Also been playing around with some heads.  Some silly, some serious.  General consensus here is that we like the oval and square, and the rest simply don't work for one reason or another.  Our top likes and dislikes for the Mum's in the first picture are listed here too.  We'll hopefully get them whittled down by next week for rough storyboards, then finalised for final boards a fortnight after that.

Again, please feel free to fire any comments/crits our way.  Every little helps (to quote Tesco).

- Lynne

1 comment:

  1. I definitely like bottom left mum on the first page, shes seems to work really well. Maybe between mums 4 and 5 for me, i prefer her dress to be one shape if you know what i mean, but like that her arms, legs and head are not attached.

    Alo like the horizontal rectangle, think that could work as well! Looks great :)