Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potential Alternate Storylines

Prior to our pitching session on Monday 24th January we had a WHOLE BUNCH of potential directions for our animation.  Pat Imrie, the College's resident 3D genius, suggested that we explore all avenues thoroughly, even if we've already settle on our story.  It's always good to brainstorm everything, I guess, especially when they can all be so closely interlinked, as it may influence the path you've decided to go down even if it's an entirely different theme or storyline.  Make sense?  

Well, for example, I found that when we were creating flow charts and word associations for our potential 'infection' and 'war' storylines a lot of the same words were cropping up. We're very much thinking about going for a less-intense story than war, infection or colonialisation but it's still quite interesting to see the cross-overs you get.  We've only looked into those two themes so far, but I'm thinking to maybe flow chart/word associate our current storyline to help with our wonderfully difficult script writing we've been undertaking.  Maybe it'll help.  We'll see.

Please excuse the blood-like patterns, we were trying to make the ink bleed from
red into pink on paper but it REALLY didn't have the effect we were after.

- Lynne

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