Monday, October 31, 2011

Animatic Rewrite

Just a wee catch up after my last post on Friday.  Finished tweaking the new revise of the animatic today so storyboarding can continue tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get them done for our production meeting at 3pm, but that may be a bit of a push, especially at it's our Background Artist's 21st birthday today coupled with Hallowe'en.  We'll be lucky if we're up tomorrow by 3pm...  But anyhow, here's how it's looking so far:

Please let me know what you think, all feedback would very much be appreciated!

x L

Friday, October 28, 2011

Layouts and Boards 01

So this week Suba and I were going to try and sit down and work out our layouts for the animation.  We got ourselves a copy of Mark T. Byrne's "The Art of Layout and Storyboarding" and had a sit down with our resident storyboard professional Wayne Thomas who taught us the basics of layouts, using examples from his time as a boarder on SuperTed.  With all our notes we got to work, Suba went ahead and started working out how exactly she wants to create the environment fly-through at the beginning of the animation, whilst I found myself taking about five steps backwards in order to make one step forward.  

In order for me to start layouts, I need to work out a production chart, and in order to do that I need to work out exactly how many scenes and shots we have, and in order to that I need to finalise the boards, and in doing the boards I've reworked a section of the story to make it read better.  So I am currently in the middle of boarding, production charting, re-animaticing and I'm still mid-dog run cycle.  So many projects!

Anyhow, this is how we're looking on the new story rewrite:

We've flipped the girl so that she's the one to be hit by the ball.  In doing this it saves me a lot of animation but we still get the same idea across.  Now she no longer has to storm off the full length of the scene, I no longer need to flip a bear through the air into her face and she no longer carries her teddy with her to the bush where the boy's hiding.  The bear falling off the see-saw makes more sense realistically and feels just as sad; we still feel the girls loneliness at not having a real see-saw companion and it creates empathy for the girl a lot quicker than how we previously had it written.  Best of all, the whole scene is shorter, shaving about eight and a half seconds off of our animation in total.  

Because of this change though, I need to go back and tweak a whole bunch of other things on the animatic, which's going to set me back another day or so.  I'll get it all blogged up when it's completed next week, and I'll upload the boards too when they're all reworked and done.

Till then!

 x L

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Research for Layouts

This week me and Lynne are figuring out the layouts for the animation, so I have been figuring out levels and how to actually do layouts correctly. So here is just a few little sketches...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Run Cycles - Attempt 01

Animal run cycles - YEY!  Oh my, all the fun we can have when we give something four legs.  Working out a dog run cycle has been a challenge and a half, but I have learned so much today it has definitely been worth all the brain strain.

Started off by researching roughly how a dog's leg works, and what sort of basic shapes and movements I would need to tackle my own run cycle.  I've been using a wee supplement from ImagineFX on Anatomy, which I highly recommend everyone and anyone getting if you are interested in exactly how and why humans and animals move and look the way they do.  It's so in depth and explained everything to me perfectly.  I stole some of their drawings as notes and pinned them up behind my lightbox for reference, then got under way.

I've also enlisted the help of an old college buddy of mine, and second year animator Tara, who is a genius when it comes to animal cycles and, to be fair, animal art in general.  I went to her for advice on this dog cycle and twenty minutes later she's roughed out and line tested a seven frame cycle for me as a guide!


So with my guide and anatomy notes I got to work and created this:

Which you can see has only two of it's four legs in place.  Then I added the final two legs, cleaned-up a wee bit and got this:

Not bad for a first attempt, don't you think?  Well, at the very least I have impressed myself.  I can see what needs changed and obviously there's still a lot to be added, but for a generic attempt at a four-legged run cycle I am very happy with today's work.  

This run cycle is also going to be used for clean-up tests when it's finished.  I'm hoping to try and work out exactly how I want it done, and ensure I get the look that I want with my final frames.  All in good time though, I still need to add ears to this wee furball yet.  That's going to be all the fun.

x L

Friday, October 14, 2011

Size Comparison

Suba here! Just thought I would give you an example of what sizes . I have been looking into the environment and where everything should go and I thought if I used the size of the character it would help me a lot to design the play park. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Play Park Concept

Hello! Since I have sort of worked out the colour and style I have just been trying out a bit of concept artwork. So here is a little example what the final outcome may look like.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Little Village

Suba here..thought i would post a little rough drawing of the style that I am heading towards. Everything is slowly coming together which I am very happy about :)

Production Schedules

Here's how we're hoping to plan out the next eight months.  This very may well change, hopefully not, but we are still very unsure of our abilities and with no previous experience to go on, this is our best gauge of time.  The schedules are divided up into our four separate areas of expertise, mine and Suba's 2D section, Jamie's 3D side and Bambi's editing and comping.  I will update any changes that get made as they happen, but hopefully this is a plan we can stick too.

x L

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blossom Tree

Suba here...again! Just did a drawing of the blossom tree, so I am thinking of defiantly using this style for the backgrounds, as i don't want it to look too abstract, because the characters would not really fit in to that sort of environment.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Peer Review Animatic

Had our peer review this past Monday (which I will update more on in another blog post soon) which we had been working our asses off to get some form of animatic ready for.  This is the animatic that we showed on the day.  Apologies in advance for the roughness of some of the boards.  The scribbles make sense to us, but not so much other people it seems.  This will rectified in due course.

Post peer review I added in some of the colour bleeding and fixed and finished the dog scenes:

More news to come soon so stay tuned! 

x L