Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colour Tree

Bambi has been recently playing about with colour bleeding and ink staining to try and get used to the way it flows and works.  She's going to be doing all the fancy After Effects trickery with colour in post so all the research she does now will pay off for when that part comes around.  

So, we have this one stunning scene we're very excited about getting in the animation.  It's with the kids in the playground and they're on a roundabout under this big, white cherry blossom tree.  As they spin the colour bleeds from the boy and cascades upwards into the leaves of the tree turning them pink.  Bambi's been playing about with some colour and concept art for the tree and came up with a really cool drawing:

I am so excited for this scene, it's going to be absolutely stunning.  We'll hopefully get more colour concepts up soon!

- Lynne

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