Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early Character Designs

Amongst all of our meetings, reviews, pitches and deadlines I've been trying to get started on some character designs.  I have two for each of the potential characters, aaaaaand they both look exactly the same.  Go figure.  I'm not even that keen on making them look as human as I have, yet I find it quite difficult to diverge away from that style.  I have been, in recent weeks, attempting to broaden my drawing horizon by mimicking the work of other artists - as suggested by the WONDERFUL Steven Silver - and I'm starting to notice it in my work already, which is wonderful!  I'm still a far cry away from what I'm really looking for though, so I maybe I need to look harder at more diverse work and try and break out of the very humanoid-characterisation area I seem to have settled in.  It's still only week three so we'll see how this develops.

- Lynne

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