Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ink Animation

Moreeee rough ink animation. I've been messing around with masks this week in After Effects and have so far produced this short animation. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Finallllllyyyy! Some animation, although extreeemely rough. Messing around in After Effects with layers, distortion and masks today and I churned out this sketchy animation of ink bleeding. Still lots and lots of work to do on it but I think it conveys a rough idea of what we're trying to do...

Environment Experiments

This is my first attempt at photoshop so it turned out ok. I actually really enjoyed using photoshop and experimenting with it today, but i've got a long way to go till i'm a pro at this. But today it was great just experimenting with colour and brush styles.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Layout of Inked

This is a rough layout or map of our film Inked. I have been trying to work out where everything should go so hopefully i have got it right! I think its also helping the team with the storyboards, as its letting everyone know what should be where and what should be behind the characters. And also this week i am starting on layouts so heres hoping this helps!!


Environment Research...Again

This is research for the little girls house. Just trying out different shapes, as i want the house to look comforted and friendly due to the nature of the little girl.

This is just a rough sketch that i did recently. I think this is basically the finally shape of the house. To me it seems  more welcoming and pleasant compared to the very square design that i have been doing recently. I have had a lot of comments on the shape and apparently it reminds them of a loaf of bread or a cupcake, which is sorta a good response. 
Like the one above i have been experimenting with using ink to form the houses. It does give a nice line but it was very messy and i had to be careful not to smudge the drawings. I also tried out red ink for the bricks which has turned out really well :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Concept Art

Here are some concept doodles of different landscapes. Just messing about with shapes and lines, as the environment is made up of fabric so there really are no rules on what it should look like. I love the idea of the ground having patterns such as spots or stripes on it, not only because we can, but it makes it seem more believeable as a child's imaginary world. The fluid lines in the twists and hills also convey the idea that the landscape is cushioned and squishy.


Sooo, I've been messing around a lot with ink. I bled the ink into both wet & dry fabric to see which would give the best result, needless to say the ink bled into wet material turned out best. I really like the fading of colour as the ink spread into that orange & pink. Laaavly.

 Some more ink, this time bled into wet paper. I really like how the ink path turned out here.