Thursday, January 27, 2011

Synopsis II

So we had a wee pitch to the class earlier today and got a lot of really incredibly useful feedback for our classmates.  We've been wondering for a while now about changing the central part of the animation - the part within the washing machine world - to something war/infection/colonisation-based instead of a story about a wee red boy exploring this new white world.  We asked our peers what they thought and the general consensus was to stick with the wee boy story, so we are!  The following is the new synopsis we've sent to Wayne and Pat and it goes into a wee bit more depth as to what actually goes on story-wise.  

Any critiques and suggestions are MORE than welcome cause we know it's not quite there yet and it could probably do with a fresh set of eyes looking at it.  Scripting will be taking place next week sometime so hopefully we'll get this story nailed soon.

- Lynne

Synopsis II

Our story begins with a little white girl, in a white playpark, in an entirely white world.  A little boy enters and he is entirely red.  He leaves in his wake a stream of pink and a trail of pink footprints.  Everything he touches turns pink and begins to bleed into the white of the world.

The little boy picks up a ball, turning it pink, and throws it to the little girl.  The children begin to play.  The little girl, splattered from the pink ball, begins to turn pink herself.  The girl, amused by this, shows off her new colour to her mother.  This sight unnerves her mother; who grabs the little girl and tries to clean the colour off her. 

The little girl’s pink begins to imprint onto her mother’s clothes.  Her mother, distraught, tries to clean herself off to no avail.  Frightened she bundles the little girl back into the house.  

The little red boy continues to play in the playground, fascinated by his ability to turn the world around him pink, yet oblivious to the chaos he is causing.  While the little girl stares from the front window, the mother returns to the playground dressed in excessively protective clothing.  She approaches the little red boy in her oven mitts and attempts to clean the red off him, again to no avail.  Instead, the little boy remains quite red while his colour slowly soaks up the mother’s arm.

The mother surrenders to her pink fate, but looks around to see that a gathered crowd is fascinated, not fearful, at this new colourful surrounding.  Their world, for the first time, is filled with a vivid and vibrant new essence that is exciting, rather than frightful.  This world is more exhilarating than their previously plain and featureless white world.

The little girl skips happily over to her mother and holds her hand.  The pink from the little girl seeps up the mother’s arm and eventually turns her entirely pink. The mother looks at her little girl and reassured, accepts her new pink environment.

We slowly ascend from this transformed world through slightly pink-tinged clouds.  The clouds distort into a Perspex door of a washing machine, revealing a red sock in a white wash.  Nightmare.

Realising his error, a man comes racing through the kitchen to save his white wash, and angrily rips the washing machine door open to expose his newly stained pink clothing

Monday, January 17, 2011

Idea: Synopsis I

For our fourth year final film myself, Susan Ball, Kat Bambi Baxter and Jamie Bell are working on a short animation currently entitled Colour Transmitted Disease, or CTD for short.  The original idea belonged to Jamie Bell, and he asked me to get on board towards the end of last term with Suba and Bambi joining soon after.  

The following is our first synopsis which we recently sent to Wayne for approval.  The synopsis is basically the idea that Jamie Bell pitched to me way back when and the group have been working and developing it all term.  It's quite short but we feel it gets across the general idea for the animation quite well.

Hope you enjoy, more to follow soon!

- Lynne

Synopsis I

Our idea is based on the idea of colour bleeding in a laundry wash.  Jamie Bell presented me with the idea of a little red boy, in an entirely red world finding a white world and exploring it, unintentionally infecting the white world with his red dye. The story follows the spread of the red infection as it taints the white world pink.  Pulling away from the red boy we see the neighbourhood and eventually the town becoming infected with colour.  Finally we pull out from the world through the perspex door of a washing machine, which reveals a red sock in a white wash.  Nightmare.