Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mum Debate

Right, I'm really having to get down to actually choosing how the Mum is going to look in this animation, and I have her whittled down to a couple different ideas.  Within our group, however,  I'm getting a lot of differing opinions as to which one everyone likes/dislikes, etc, so I'm going to throw her out there and see what everyone else thinks.

First off, should she be a wee stout sort of woman (very typical household Mum stereotype) or long and slender (based on my actually Mother, who is 5'10 and slim):

Secondly, what's the general consensus on the lack of detail for feet and facial expressions?  The characters, so far, are all noseless, have only pupils for eyes, and walk with stumps for legs.  Does this detract from the characters?  It doesn't sound appealing when you read that sentence, but when they're on the page, I find I quite like the style.  It makes them quite doll-like, which I guess is the direction we kinda wanted to go in the first place.

Lastly, how much detail aught to be put in the face?  Some of the guys prefer her without the definition between her face and her hair, whereas some prefer the line there.  I threw in a half/half one too as a compromise, and it annoyingly also works quite well.  

I tried to do a semi-turnaround of the head for the bottom three pictures but failed miserably.  I managed to turn her head slightly but not her hair at all.  That needs to get worked on.

Anyway, these are your options.  Answers on a postcard please.

- Lynne


  1. After a wee think, I think i prefer the tall, slim mum. Think it kinda works better that shes this young lackadaisical type, like shes loving havin this one wee girl. The stouter mum looks like shes had a few kids lol, its just the immediate ideas that come to me anyway.

    I like the simplicity of the characters too, you can get across good facial expression and body language with this kind of character. I think it just fits.

    For the hair and face thing, I like the half & half one, or the full hairline one.

    Hope its helpful :)

  2. i agree with above, the slimmer mum looks better. and the stump legs work really well with the simple design. as for the hairline, i think the half/half ones awesome. not too much definition, but not too little.