Monday, February 27, 2012

Scene 06 Girl Layer Rough Keys

Like the post says, yo, here be the rough keys for scene 06!  BOOM!  Hating this girl's hair a wee bit.  I'm still not totally happy with how it looks at the back, but I can't keep going back and forth and designing and redesigning so I've just settled for it looking the way it does.

These bad boys still be rough, tbh I'm only putting them up 'cause I needs my boy Jamie Bell to have a looksie at them.  Comment me up JB!


x L


  1. I'm liking it, think it's gonna look well good inbetweened. Her hands are looking really nice and I like the stretch she does to look into the bush at the beginning. And she finishes in a good position for the over-the-shoulder next shot :D which'll look well decent.

    Seems to be missing a certain frame I drew though ;) ;)

  2. These might only be rough keys, but they are looking great! Looking forward to seeing them inbetweened.

  3. Tom Hanks guys! Think I've almost got the girl layer finalised now. Just need to get me some leaves and debris up in this shot and we're GOLDEN! :D x

  4. I love it, it looks great Lynneface!