Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quest for Particle Perfection

I have been fiddling around with maya nParticles to try and get a good effect for the water in the washing machine but this was all I could come up with....

Not great, I know.. I think the way it behaves works well and I'm pleased with that :) However it looks nothing like water yet! The liquid is waay too blobby, which I have tried numerous times to fix by fiddling with the settings, increasing the number of particles and decreasing particles sizes but still couldn't get a realistic looking effect.. Buuuut, with a little help from a friend (Pat Imrie FTW) I think I may have a solution which I am off to experiment with now! Updates soon to follow :D


  1. 'I get by with a little helppppp from myyy friennndddsssss'

  2. Aw shucks! Twas my pleasure, good luck with the rest of the test.. The water motion does look very good as does the shader. As an extra tip, when testing the motion of the water in the drum, animate a full rotation or two. Nparticles have a tendency to get stuck in the geometry so it can create undesired results, so just be wary of it. It's looking good though, can't wait to how it turns out.


  3. Make it go fast and exaggerate the motion blur, and add some other maya or AE particles for foam/spray to help cover it up. That's my lazy fix ;)