Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scene 04 Rough Keys

It;s about time I got some keys up here don'tcha think??  I've personally been not-so-great on the whole health front of late and so the animation has suffered a minor setback these last two months.  Finally got the semblance of a scene done today so I thought I would share my first ROUGH set of keys with you.

Remember ROUGH, and I am ILL.  Be nice.  There's still arms to be added and a key or two, here and there, but you get the jist of where this scene be going.  I am loving follow-through just now.  The Boy's hair is so much fun to play with!  I also really enjoyed doing the jump sequence, mega fun to draw.

The main thing I'm not 100% sure of with this scene is the Boy's hands, are they too small?  Kids have small hands, right?  I'm totally not sure and have started contemplating making them bigger.  Just a thought.  Think I'll run it past the ol' Director tomorrow.

Anyhoo, enjoy!  More to follow!

 x L

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