Monday, February 27, 2012

Continuing on..

Just another update of water particles as I'm sure you are desperate to see it...

What do you think? Haven't tried out the suggestions from my last blog post yet but I will be doing that soon. Of course there will be clothes and foam also in the washing machine so look forward to being bombarded with that in the future...

JB out


  1. It's moving great! I don't know if you could do refraction with a particle effect (or if you'd ever have time to render such craziness) but rendering out a mask of the water and using that to do some 2D displacement on the drum/clothes in the comp. might have a nice effect. It's looking great so far, just becomes a little see-through looking when there are fewer highlights.

  2. Looking good! Is this the same one you showed me in class, the ghosty one? I think it's looking pretty doss :D

    You got the clothes to stop spazzing yet??