Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boy Jump

And we're back!  After a summer of far too much inactivity my group and I are finally back in the studio and back working on our film!  So far we've scrapped everything we worked on last semester and started for the third (and hopefully final) time working out our story and roughly boarding some scenes together.  I have started taking some of the rough ideas onto the computer and trying to time them out digitally.  

I have started with our simplest scene, which is the wee Boy jumping scared into a bush (or shrub as I am being asked to call it as 'bush' is apparently too lewd a word to say aloud).  We're still working on what might possibly be in the background so these are still rough too.  We're very much trying to work to the guidelines of the fabulous Mr. Bruce Block, playing with deep and flat spaces, etc, but are worried the film is becoming far too flat overall, so this scene may change to a slightly different perspective over time.

Anyway, it's only day three and it's not much to begin with but at least it's a start.  Expect more updates very soon, and please, please feel free to leave feedback as it is very much needed and appreciated!

x L

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