Monday, September 19, 2011

Girl on Seesaw

Or teeter-tot as they seem to call them in America (crazy Americans).  As a part of our new story, and so boards and animatic, we felt our little female protagonist would appear more lonelier if we put her and her wee teddy bear companion on a see-saw rather than a swing.  A swing can be played on quite happily by one person but a see-saw really does require two, and as we want to show the audience she has no friend to play with, a see-saw became our replacement.  Her loneliness becomes immediately apparent when we see that the bear makes a terrible see-saw partner, and it gives an understanding to her reaction to the boy when she sees him.  She is lonely and wants a friend, and he is lost and in need of a friendly face.  

I've been boarding and scheduling away these last few days (last week of course, the weekend was lost to far too much television and far too little dissertation) and have managed to cobble together the first wee clip of her and her bear on the see-saw.  There is something completely and utterly wrong with the timing somewhere but I've been looking at it too long to see exactly what.  

Feedback would be very, very welcome if anyone would care to give me some pointers.  I'll hopefully have more of a sequence tomorrow so I will try my best to upload that too if I can.


x L

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