Friday, March 16, 2012

Scene 06 Girl, Dog and Ball Line Test

The wonderful Tara Vaughan-Smith has been kind enough to let us borrow her awesome creature animation skills for the Dog in our film!  Yesterday I stolez the layer she's been working on for scene 06, cleaned it up and added it to the line test along with the Girl and the bouncing ball.  Here's how it's looking with the original background:

Here's the same line test, but this time with a more basic background so that you may see the action of the characters a little more clearly:
To make sure the scene isn't too busy, we're thinking about extending the Little Girl's pause as she looks in the bush until the dog has run off the screen.  This way the Girl gets our full attention, because right now, it's difficult to know where to look with both actions happening simultaneously.  The pace of the Dog's run cycle was taken straight from the animatic, which was quite roughly done.  We're starting to think it may be too quick, considering the dog will be dragging a full grown man behind him as he chases the ball.  This line test shows the dog at his original speed (played at 25 fps):

Scene 06 Dog Layer Final Inbetweens 25 FPS from Lynne M. Laurenson on Vimeo.

I've slowed down the following line test of the dog to 16fps for comparison:

Scene 06 Dog Layer Final Inbetweens 16 FPS from Lynne M. Laurenson on Vimeo.

Feedback for this would be awesome if you have a few minutes to spare!  Any comments are always welcome.  Just need to complete the debris and Dog Walker layers and this scene will be finished.  BOOM!

x L

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