Monday, March 19, 2012

Scene 06 Dog Walker Layer

Been having so many problems with the Dog Walker character in Scene 06 and would very much like some advice on the matter, if that's alright? All that I need to happen is have the Dog run by dragging his poor owner behind him, but I cannot for the life of my get it animated to look right. Something's off, but I don't know what. WHAT IS IT? It's a very quick scene, the whole thing is over in a second, but it feels slow. Why is that? If anyone can give me some pointers that would be DOSS, many thanks in advance!

x L


  1. I think it's looking good, it's maybe just a little slow. Based on the way the dog is moving you'd maybe expect it to move across the screen quicker. Especially if you look at the hind legs - they look like they slide back on the frame after contact (around frame 18-21). Of course they might then shoot across the screen too quick to register, but you could fix that by making them a bit smaller, further from the camera. In comp - nothing that would require re-drawing anything hopefully.

    Another thing that might help (or might make it look slow and weird) as adding another frame or two when both feet are off the ground, to make it seem like the dog is really going for it.

    Hope this is of some help!


  2. Also, some gravel or dust elements might help. But overall I think the guy looks fine.

  3. yeh i agree with mark the legs look as if he should b travelling a lot faster, closer too a screen wipe. also if it doesnt cause to much of a pain, it mite make the movement seem more natural if the dog walker was almost swung into shot by the momentum along side the dog and then the tension picks up again as the dog passes him, good opportunity for some squash and stretch:P