Friday, October 7, 2011

Peer Review Animatic

Had our peer review this past Monday (which I will update more on in another blog post soon) which we had been working our asses off to get some form of animatic ready for.  This is the animatic that we showed on the day.  Apologies in advance for the roughness of some of the boards.  The scribbles make sense to us, but not so much other people it seems.  This will rectified in due course.

Post peer review I added in some of the colour bleeding and fixed and finished the dog scenes:

More news to come soon so stay tuned! 

x L


  1. The animatic is looking pretty sweet :D I like! Just one thing, the timing of when the girl leaves the scene and when the dog enters, perhaps you could have a bit more of a pause before the dog enters the scene? That could be the same for after the dog drags the owner away, there could be a pause before the girl walks on? You've maybe already changed this since the peer review but just thought to point it out :)


  2. Hey Kat! Thanks for the comment! This was actually something we were discussing when putting the animatic together. We always just assumed the best way to glue the scenes together would be to overlap the action, so as the girl leaves stage right, the dog enters stage left, sharing the screen for a couple of frames. I will look at the animatic today and pause the dog entry and see how it looks. There was something always jarring for me in that scene, and I think you may have hit the nail on the head :) Thanks again! Hope VP is going well! :D x