Monday, October 31, 2011

Animatic Rewrite

Just a wee catch up after my last post on Friday.  Finished tweaking the new revise of the animatic today so storyboarding can continue tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get them done for our production meeting at 3pm, but that may be a bit of a push, especially at it's our Background Artist's 21st birthday today coupled with Hallowe'en.  We'll be lucky if we're up tomorrow by 3pm...  But anyhow, here's how it's looking so far:

Please let me know what you think, all feedback would very much be appreciated!

x L


  1. First shot's too slow.. erm, fast!

    Title giving is difficult for you guys. What about 'InRed', as in inroad. Probably too cheesey/obvious. Or 'RedPass', trespass? Haha.

    Or, 'Roxanne, Put on The Red Lights, No, Just The Lights Actually, No Reds of Colours.. Fuck! Roxanne! You Did It Again! Whore.'

  2. hey kiddo, looking really sweet and cute.

    I'm very sorry and don't mean to be rude to this guy above but i would have to greatly disagree with him about the first shot. i really think the first shot has to be way way slower. pans and dolly moves are tricky creatures especially the really big ones. they really ned a load of time. Right now its looking a wee bit forced. this might scare you but try chucking 200 frames into it and see if it gives you the feel that your film might need. just right now i think its suggesting a different tone of film that you aren't really trying to tell. or maybe shorten the shot to where the cloud just pull back and then you see the village . then cut.

    really probably just ignore everything just said . you guys seem to be making really great decisions and i'd say just keep going. just start putting in the animation poses so the comper can start. Once you get stuff into comp its amazing all the little things you can add that will strengthen the story. Plus for the animator it will show you the end result. So you can see whats it looks like as your working on penciltests. but for me its all there