Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poster That Cannot Be Used

Had a doss idea for a poster today, but one that totally cannot be used, which I am unhappy about.  Still made it though, and I'm putting it up on here:

I know it's a long way off but things like posters are still at the back of my mind.  Had an interesting convo with Kieran about it, and he got me onto a fellow called Matt Owen (check out his whole blog, it's wonderful!) who makes these AMAZING minimalist film posters.  Our favourites are the ones which are sort of 'in the know' posters, where you need to have seen the film, or have heard the plot, to fully appreciate the poster.  Like these:

Cool, eh?  Kieran suggested we do something to subliminally suggest that it's in the washing machine, but without giving the plot away.  Thought it was a great idea.  If we could come up with something as awesome as one of these I was be so chuffed! 

Anyway, just a thought.  Back to dopesheeting :( 

x L


  1. You could maybe look into washing symbols that they put on labels on clothes for how you should wash them.. you could maybe use something like that if as inspiration if you're trying to aim for a minimalist style :)

  2. *it'd also hide the big reveal at the end about it being in a washing machine.. but still kinda hint towards it!